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The Pickle with Dima's vodka

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We've partnered up with our good friend Dima who has created a delicious Ukrainian vodka. He told us that in Ukraine it is traditional to always sip your vodka whilst eating pickles. So to add to that experience we've added our Original Pickle Juice to be sipped alongside it too. 

About Dima's vodka:

It’s a hotly debated subject as to which country first invented vodka. What the Ukrainians have long known is that ultimately it is quality that truly matters, so we invite you to join the conversation and see if you agree with us that Dima’s Ukrainian vodka is rather delicious.

Their unique climate and Ukrainian black ‘supersoil’ enables the very finest conditions for their grains to flourish.

They source three of the highest quality grains: barley, wheat and rye, which give their vodka a richer and more rounded flavour profile, crystal-clear clarity and an enviable velvety smoothness.

This set includes one 500ml bottle of our Original Pickle Juice, one 70cl bottle of Dima's vodka and a packet of Serious Pig snacking pickles.