Our Story

The Pickle House was established in 2014 by Florence Cherruault in Hackney, London. Having first been introduced to the idea of drinking pickle juice whilst in New York. She then spent many months creating a recipe crafted specifically for cocktails and smoothies and subsequently launched our Original Pickle Juice. 

Whilst working closely with the bartenders using our pickle juice they both agreed it was the perfect addition to a Bloody Mary, and so came our Pickle House Spiced Tomato Mix. The unique mix and addition of Pickle Juice makes for an unforgettable flavour with depth and smoothness. 

Both our Pickle Juice and Spiced Tomato Mix are award-winning, produced and hand bottled on our family farm in Suffolk.

Special thanks to the European Regional Development Fund for part funding the purchase of our new labelling machine. It is an absolute dream and has increased our production capabilities enormously.