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Half and Half

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A delicious Pickle House bundle of joy. Perfect for cocktails and mixology!

Original Pickle Juice - 3 x 500ml

Our award winning Original Pickle Juice is infused for 6 months with sliced cucumbers and a blend of spices to create a smooth, strong flavour. It is the perfect chaser to a shot of whiskey, an unlikely pair known as a Pickleback. Also try adding a little to cocktails to give it an extra kick or in a smoothie to boost your body’s electrolytes.

Spiced Tomato Mix - 3 x 750ml

The Pickle House Spiced Tomato Mix is an award winning blend of tomato juice, our Original Pickle Juice and a generous amount of spice. Serve over ice for a Virgin Mary, with vodka for a seriously good Bloody Mary, with gin for a Red Snapper or topped with a light lager for a Michelada.

Produced and hand bottled on the family farm in Suffolk, all our products contain only natural ingredients, are suitable for vegans, and have a 12 month shelf life. Store in a cool, dry place and make sure to shake well before use to ensure the best serve. Once the Spiced Tomato Mix is opened, keep it refrigerated and drink within four days.